2019 Work Period

Each fall we hold a work period at Dhamma Manda. It is the longest period each year when instead of conducting Vipassana meditation courses we work on annual maintenance, inventory, deep cleaning and a host of other improvement projects.

This year’s work period is held from September 16 – 29. Anyone who has completed a 10 day course with S.N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Picture of carrying rocks in a garden cart

This is a great opportunity to give Dhamma service and strengthen one’s meditation practice. During the work period all participants sit three group meditations daily and have plenty of opportunities to meet with assistant teachers and work hand in hand with them.

Old students are welcome to attend any part or all of the work period. If you are interested in attending, please email [email protected] and include your full name and the dates you plan to attend.

The work period is an important time for Dhamma Manda. The center benefits greatly from the efforts of students who attend. We find that there is a significantly positive effect on the center, and students who come after find it to be more comfortable, more functional, cleaner, safer and more attractive.

We aren’t looking for a particular set of skills, everyone finds a way to contribute. The types of work include carpentry, landscaping, inventory, maintenance, cleaning, painting, cooking, sewing, gardening and more. Coordinators with tasks and resources prepared in advance help it be a productive, rewarding and fun experience for all participants.