About Dhamma Maṇḍa

Trees and cabins in Dhamma Maṇḍa

Dhamma Maṇḍa means “the essence of Dhamma” in Pali. It is one of numerous centers worldwide dedicated to the teaching of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. The center is also identified as the Northern California Vipassana Center (NCVC) which had its beginnings as the Mendocino Vipassana Association in the 1980s.

Dhamma Maṇḍa is in the Cobb mountain area of Lake County, situated in the north west of California, nestled among seventeen acres of mature pine, fir, and oak trees and is approximately a two and a half hour drive north and east of San Francisco; one and a half hours east of Santa Rosa; and two and a half hours west of Sacramento.

The property is approximately 2,500 feet above sea level and experiences the full range of seasonal changes and weather. The site offers quiet hillside walking paths and vistas of calm meadows among towering pines.

“Dhamma Maṇḍa” is a newly opened center and began offering 10-day and 3-day courses in 2008. During the first phase of NCVC’s development, several already existing buildings were converted to residential housing use, a new Dhamma Hall was built and a new kitchen and dining room were built and made operational. Since then the center offers a full schedule of courses for both old and new students.

Visiting the Center

We look forward to seeing you at Dhamma Maṇḍa. Please contact us ahead of time when visiting between courses.

Because accommodations are limited and allocated in advance, we ask that students only arrive on site if they have been confirmed to participate in a scheduled course.

Location of the Center